Application (sample)

"You name it!"

HULL Canada

1. The undersigned, (NAME OF APPLICANT) the full post office address of whose principal office or place of business is (Address) hereby applies for the registration in accordance with the Trade-marks Act of the trade-mark identified below.

2. The trade-mark is: (Set out the word or symbol)

3. The trade-mark has been used in Canada by the applicant in association with all the specific (Wares and/or Services) listed hereafter, and the applicant requests registration in respect of such (Wares and/or Services). The trade-mark has been so used in Canada in association with the general class of comprising the specific (Wares and/or Services): (Enumerate all Wares and/or Services) since (Give earliest date of use for all Wares and/or Services).

4. The applicant appoints SIM & McBURNEY, Sixth Floor, 330 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1R7, Canada, as the firm to whom any notice in respect of the application or registration may be sent, and upon whom services of any proceedings in respect of the application or registration may be given or served with the same effect as if they had been given to or served upon the applicant or registrant.

5. The applicant is satisfied that it is entitled to use the trade-mark in Canada in association with the (Wares and/or Services) described.


EXECUTED at Toronto, Ontario, this day of ___________ , 20__


Trade-mark Agents