Technology Licensing

The Technology Licensing Group at Sim Ashton & McKay LLP and Sim & McBurney is an impressive mix of lawyer and patent agent professionals with extensive experience in helping clients to license their technology for successful commercialization—both in Canada and abroad. We also assist our clients in the licensing-in of technology from technology owners in countries throughout the world. In addition to having published broadly in this area, our Technology Licensing Group members present numerous seminars and lectures on a variety of technology licensing subjects at domestic and international meetings.

The Right Combination Of Skills & Experience

Our group is well versed in negotiation and contract drafting as it relates to intellectual property, technology transfer, financial agreements and commercial contracts. Our roster of international clients is drawn from both the private and institutional sectors, and includes large and small corporations, universities, hospitals, research institutes and individuals.

The individuals in the Technology Licensing Group are active members of, and have given numerous workshops and seminars in the licensing field for, the Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. and Canada) Inc., Association of University Technology Managers, American Biotechnology Companies and several Canadian University technology transfer departments.

In addition to licensing activities, we assist in the preparation of other financing agreements and carry out due diligence evaluations with respect to licensing, investment considerations and takeovers.

The Technology Licensing Group