Patent Agency

In a word – diverse – a cohesive mix of highly trained patent agents, lawyers and technical assistants with backgrounds in a variety of science and engineering disciplines, and direct work experience in academic research and industry. Our group brings a wide range of expertise to our clients:

  • post-graduate qualifications, including doctorates, in a broad spectrum of disciplines including chemistry, biochemistry and materials science and engineering
  • knowledge and experience in both cellular and molecular biology
  • professionally qualified electrical and chemical engineers
  • extensive publishing in the areas of patenting and licensing
  • numerous presentations at international meetings

A World Of Experience

As registered patent agents in Canada and the United States, we have experience obtaining patents in both North America and beyond. Our clients are located around the globe, and range from companies to universities, hospitals and research institutes; from the individual inventor to multinational corporations.

The Frontiers Of New Knowledge

Our group has patented inventions in a substantial number of areas at the forefront of research today:

  • biotechnology
  • chemistry
  • genetics
  • biochemistry
  • therapeutics
  • biology, pharmacology and immunology
  • diagnostics, medical procedures and devices
  • pulp and paper chemistry and equipment
  • oil industry including well drilling, refining and well bore service
  • radiochemistry, food chemistry, polymer chemistry
  • aeronautics
  • environmental technology
  • computer telephony
  • wireless communications
  • integrated circuit design and manufacturing

Beyond Patents

At Sim & McBurney, we prepare technology licensing agreements and other financing agreements, as well as carry out due diligence evaluations. Working closely with our litigation group, Sim Ashton & McKay LLP, we also deal with matters involving issues of patent infringement and validity, trade secrets and invention ownership.

Our group has members in all major professional associations, including:

  • Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (FICPI)
  • American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
  • Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC)
  • Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. and Canada) Inc. (LES U.S.A. / Canada)
  • Computer Law Association
  • Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)
  • International Association For The Protection Of Industrial Property (AIPPI)
  • Asian Patent Attorneys Association (Observer) (APAA)

The Patent Agency Group