Packaging & Labelling

We are lawyers and trade-mark agents with extensive experience in dealing with legal issues relating to packaging and labelling requirements in Canada.

Individually and collectively, we are engaged in intellectual property issues on a number of fronts, including publishing, seminars, lectures and related presentations. In addition, we actively participate in various domestic and international intellectual property organizations.

Fulfilling Client Needs First

Our clients operate around the world and extend from individual inventor to mammoth multinationals. We assist them in a number of arenas, including:

  • interpreting the many government regulations and requirements surrounding packaging and labelling
  • dealing with issues concerning advertising and marketing, such as comparative or misleading advertising

Close association with other members of the law firm of Sim Ashton & McKay LLP and the trade-mark and patent agency firm of Sim & McBurney ensures that clients can readily receive advice, assistance and representation where needed should litigation arise, in the preparation and negotiating of licensing agreements, in the preparation and filing of trade-mark applications and patent applications and a broad range of advice in intellectual property matters.

The Packaging & Labelling Group