Electronics & Computers

The Computers and Electronics Group at Sim & McBurney / Sim Ashton & McKay LLP is comprised of lawyers, patent agents and technical assistants with electronics and computer backgrounds, as well as considerable industry experience. Our main focus is the obtaining of intellectual property protection in electronic, computer and software technology via patents, copyright, trade secrets, licensing and other related forms of protection, as well as the enforcement of these rights.

Our members have published widely in articles and books relating to the protection of electronic, computer, and software technologies, and often present lectures and seminars on these issues at international meetings.

Our professionals are members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the Canadian Society of Electrical and Computer Engineers (CSECE), the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), as well as various national and international intellectual property organizations.

At The Forefront Of New Technology

Our computer specialists offer comprehensive computer expertise, including:

  • personal computers, network architecture protocols, encryption and other software systems
  • mainframe system and legacy systems, operating systems, local area networks and programming languages
  • the technology and unique intellectual property issues of the Internet
  • software licenses, maintenance development and software support agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, source code escrow agreements and other computer related agreements

Our electronics and electrical specialists have both breadth and depth in many areas:

  • solid state electronics
  • digital signal processing
  • computer telephony
  • liquid crystal displays
  • electro-mechanical systems
  • optical disk storage and retrieval
  • medical diagnostic equipment
  • wireless communication systems

With Our Litigation Group

We are involved in patent and copyright litigation with respect to disputes in the electronic and computer-related areas, trade secrets, invention ownership and licensing.

Our group is actively involved in the licensing of computer and electronic innovations on a worldwide basis. Our international clientele numbers large and small corporations, as well as individuals.

The Electronics & Computers Group